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The new version of TarSale is the next generation of digital strategies. Introduces a revolutionary new way to promote online sales maximizing the return on investment.

The Most Efficient Sales System of the Moment!

TarSale, the biggest strategy we have created, a powerful integration system with email services, advertising guidelines and most popular social networks that everyone uses and loves. With TarSale we establish a new standard for the generation of prospects, sales on websites and social networks.

Strategies based on needs!

Each campaign is built from the ground up with state-of-the-art technology and innovative ideas gathered through years of design, coding, web sites development and advertising to provide the best result in the simplest and most profitable way in history.

Based on the Return on Investment.

All in one.

The different assets of the strategy are deeply integrated to build the most powerful ecosystem for online sales.

Development of Web Pages and Software

The objective is the basis that defines the architecture of the needs

Lead Generation and Data Analytics

Creating customers has never been so easy, all the data with just a few clicks

Planning and Purchase of Media

Create custom sales through consulting and advanced implementation.

Technical Analysis and Ecosystem Design

We perfected the strategy and the content of the campaign results.

Proven Results in +27 Industries

MegaTars contains the leadership in improved sales strategies with a high conversion design.

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Lead Generation

Hotel fiber_new

Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation

Real Estate

Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation


Lead Generation


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Lead Generation


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Lead Generation


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Car Rental

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+12 Pop-Up Forms

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New Industries!

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New Case Study!

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Create the Digital Strategy of Greater Reach!

TARSALE provides the best and most profitable experience to achieve the desired objectives

+27 Proven Industries
The High Conversion Rate
MegaTars is the biggest success collection on the market!
+270 Tools
The Greatest Instrument Collection
Create amazing strategies with more than 270 pixels in TarSale.
+630 Proven Designs
+ Conversion with Powerful Forms
Create efficient and advanced strategies using the most powerful prospect generator.
+1000 Integrations
Within the TARS Platform
Integrate your strategy with the most relevant integrations without touching any code!
Unlimited Possibilities!

The tools provide a high level of customization to create advanced sales strategies

The First Impression is Everything
MegaTars includes the largest collection of tools designed to create the desired impact!
User Experience
Let's add value by optimizing the displacement of the traffic!
Test Evaluation fiber_new
Greater conversion in your campaigns thanks to our insights and guidance.
We design in Detail fiber_new
The most advanced Call-to-Action customization tool!
Log-In User fiber_new
Access your campaigns directly from our server through FTP login.
+100 Animation Effects
Amazing effects on the elements of your campaign to enhance reach!
Prospects with One-Click
Download all sales prospects and inquiries with a single click!
+24 Precision Contact Points
We design among a great variety of pixels, the best form that perfectly suits your target audience.
Implementation Tool fiber_new
We customize and re-design any element in your strategy.
Advanced Link Configuration fiber_new
The most powerful tool to join the different assets of your campaigns
Advanced Project Configuration
Get full control of the configuration of your project from TARS support.
Based on Results
All the strategies seek to impose the brand and the maximum ROI.
HTML + CSS + JS fiber_new
We edit the code, the source and strategy directly from the TARS team.
+1000 Reach Resources
We equip the strategy with the pixels and perfect font. +1,000 variables in total.
Analysis of High Impact Graphics fiber_new
We analyze the perfect campaign pieces for your goals.
+ Tons of Powerful Customers

Get access now to the MOST advanced strategy creator ever created!

Before Vs Now

TARS simplifies the process of creating advanced websites by providing all the tools, designs and support of premium products

Old Way
The New Way
An Improved and Revolutionary Way to Sell!

Thanks to our data analysis, the AI ​​system offers the best experience to create high quality strategies with the ability to return.

Perfect on all devices!

All the generated assets fully respond to the target demand, which provides great flexibility with the customization of the elements for each device.

Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
Edition + Coding for each Device
We create elements that are displayed on all devices; desktop, tablet and mobile phone focused on the target demand.
Advanced Configuration to Improve Results

All the elements of the strategy are customized through advanced configuration panels, and all the results are directly applied to the strategy to obtain the best return on investment.

Take control of everything!
Leads + Social Media + Web + Data
You can monitor each item on your page using the advanced configuration tool in TARS.
Sales control

From your website, like Ecommerce through a one-click access button.

Optimized SEO

Your website is automatically optimized for the best SEO practices.

Safe Platform

All your data and connections are stored securely on our platform.

Is All about Results!

We integrate all your assets and service providers with our associated tools. To obtain the best investment returns from your campaign and marketing services through the TarSale platform.

Why choose TARS.

When you buy MegaTars you are making an investment. This package becomes more valuable with the time and launch of each campaign, and you will receive all future updates for free.

Satisfied customers

More than 10,000 satisfied contacts trusting and buying the products of our clients.

Chosen by # 1

Leading companies in industries choose us for their Strategies, Digital Sales Channels, and Lead Generation.

Elite authors

Made by professionals, with Elite results.

Top Weekly Seller

Best weekly seller vs traditional channels.

How does it work?

Your online strategy, get incredible results by following these 3 simple steps. Let us begin :)

1. Tell us what the main objective is

2. We create a TarSale Strategy and synchronize with MegaTars

3. Ready! Your sales are now on the way!

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